Dear Love

Dear Love,In the different trajectories of life, I seem to stumble upon you.  Your presence enthralls me and I end up accepting your love. Dear Love,Our friendship has strengthened over time and we’ve grown together. From the naive young teenagers to responsible adults we’ve made it up together. And you’ve been there helping me become… Read More Dear Love

Sister Act

Sisters are one of the greatest blessing one could ever have always. You get identical clothes from your relatives. I was gifted a blue polo shirt by my aunt (who very conveniently forgot how fashionable we were and bought us lame shirts, not that I am ungrateful or anything. But we’d love to have some… Read More Sister Act

Low on space

Today my mobile notified me that its storage is getting low I searched for the apps I wanted to delete All were useful to me Then I looked at my inbox there were 224 messaged from you I couldn’t delete them I let my phone Low on space