Salmon Fishing at Hachimantai


Photo Courtesy: Piangrawee Santivongskul

Are you a fish aficionado? If yes, you must have tried Rainbow Trout. If not, what are you waiting for? Go! Give it a try!

Apart from the numerous seafood, one can get in Japan, freshwater fish called Rainbow Trout is quite popular here. Known as Nijimasu, these fish are filled with ‘healthy fat’ called ‘Omega 3 Fatty Acid’ and look silvery with bright skin decorated with green and pink highlights.

We went to a city called Hachimantai at Iwate Prefecture last month. It was hot and sunny outside; nice day for an outdoor activity like fishing. We passed by different places as we moved towards Hachimantai City from Shizukuishi Ward. On our way, we passed by Takizawa City; where we saw vast lush green fields and several patches of land where vegetables like beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers were grown. Apparently, this area is famous for dairy farms and supports neighbouring cities for dairy products.

At Harukoyachi, we were able to see the famous Iwate Mountain after which this prefecture is named for. Unfortunately, it was cloudy so we couldn’t get a clear view. Having a height of 2300 metres, this mountain is also called Nambu Kata Fuji since its shape is quite similar to the famous Fuji san.


A closer look…


Our guide informed us that two cities – Hachimantai City and Takizawa City share this mountain. The appearance of this mountain hence changes as they are viewed from two different places; making it confusing for people to know the real shape of Iwate Mountain. Apparently, this mountain is often mistaken from Iwaki (note how the names sound similar), located at Aomori.

The mountain climbing season normally starts here every July and it seems like fun to hike along this mountain amongst the green forest.

The place where we wanted to go to was Hachimantai – just opposite to where we were at that time. After some few minutes of driving, we finally reached our destination – Shi Mizu Gawa (Fishing). Shi Mizu Gawa is snowmelt river, famous for its clear water and is used for trout and sake farming.

Along the highway of Hachimantai-shi city, the river water from Shi Mizu Gawa has been irrigated. The width of the irrigation canal is made wide so that the water gets enough sunshine to increase the temperature. The warmer water is then used to irrigate the paddy fields.

As soon as we reached there and I got out of the bus, the first thing I noticed was the colour of the sky. The sky looked as if they had been freshly laundered! Underneath that blue sky, the sight of people fishing and enjoying with their families was mesmerising.


Nice, isn’t it?


Here, at Shi-Mizu-Gawa, you can fish for rainbow trouts and eat them! These are the rods that you can use to catch the fish.


We tried catching few and I must say, few of our friends got lucky.


I could catch none. Sigh.

Fortunately, my kind friends shared some fish and they were really tasty!


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